is a private practice for



Family (members),

Kids and teenagers


One session will be an hour long, the typical "therapy" hour for individuals is 50 minutes. For couples and families it is 90 minutes.


Psychotherapy for

individuals will be held 1:1,

Psychotherapist : Client.

Coaching & counseling & supervision


With 100€ per session for individuals I charge the average price as a Psychotherapist in Vienna. In some cases I also offer limited income based fees and if you have insurance it is possible to get some of the cost refunded (if you have a doctor's referal).

Cancellation policy

Cancelling one session is possible without paying a fee until 48 hours before a session. If a session is cancelled after that the normal price for one session will be charged.

Voluntary participation

Psychotherapy can only take place with your consent and your voluntary participation.


Instead of 50 minutes per session, one session of couples therapy will last 90 minutes.


Everything that you tell me will be absolutely confidential to protect your privacy.  Psychotherapist are bound to this by law.

The only exception is if you are a danger to yourself or others.